Touch It through Your Heart

Touch It through Your own Heart

I can feel it

I can hear it

I can touch it

And I can smell it

Like a lion seeking for the meet,

Like a blind woman touching a warm hand,

Like a deaf woman listening through her heart,

Like a rose waiting for the rain.

The wind is blowing.

Wiping out your tracks.

I am the blind woman looking for the warm hand

The warm hand, which keeps the peace,

I am the blind woman seeking for the steps and tracks,

The tracks, which are erased by the wind

I am the deaf searching for the sound

I am the deaf attempting the melodic voice,

Listening through my heart!

I am the fool tarrying for the wise thoughts.

To be like you, to wander like you.

I am the rose wilting,

I am the rose bidding for your survival breath.

And there you are,

On the top of the highest mountain.

On the hard stones, which are melted.

They are melted by your warm touch.

And here I am,

On the bottom of the highest mountain,

Waiting for your reply,

Waiting for your permission

Shall I be with you?

Shall I feel you like a baby in her mother’s bosom?!

Shall I?!

Shall I hear you from my own ears?!

Shall I have you in my life, in my heart and my eyes?!

Shall I?!

 And it was love that gave me eyes and ears.

It was love that let me have you.

It was the love that let me touch you through my own heart.



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