Black or White, Death or Life,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Love or Hatred?!

The black bird hovers above the dead tree.

The black thirsty cat sneaks around the broken stone

The sad words with melancholic meanings

The cold weather,

With angry wind blows into my face

Freaky, gray clouds in the sky

The dead, lifeless leaves run around the stone

The loss of what people call love

The loss of bright light

Wandering on the black path of failures

A brilliant body left on the ground

Memories left on the papers

He breathed peacefully

Closed his eyes compassionately

I never imagined the time wearing black outfit


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به جونه خودم نشده بايگانی!!!!! از دسته اين تکنولوژی !!!!!! خودشم يه دردسريه ها!


Very Fine


Hey,Sabra~Ur Peom is beautiful as always~! BTW, u seem write a lot on the blog~ would u mind if I make a link on my space?^^