Do you ever speak to your chair?!

It has feeling

You sit on it

When you are angry

You hit the chair

Do you ever smile at birds?!

They sing a song

They wake you up in the morning

Do you ever dance for the plants in the house?!

They’ll dance for you too

They give you flowers

Do you ever play music for your clothes?!

They love it

They have feelings

They make you comfortable

Do you ever kiss your cheeks?!

No, you don’t

You can’t kiss your own cheeks

But try. It is fun

Kiss your cheeks

They love it

Do you ever walk on the river?!


You feel free and relaxed

Do you ever wave your hands at any planes in the sky?!


Passengers feel you like them

They’ll have a wonderful trip

Do you ever make different shapes with the hose in the garden?!


It is an amazing game

Do you ever make a crown with flowers?!


You will think as a king

Do you ever feed ants?!


It will bring you a new friend

Do you ever feel you are a kid?!

This is the most wonderful thought

When you get older, you will wish,

I want to talk to my chair,

Smile at birds,

Dance for the plants,

Play music for my clothes,

Kiss my cheeks,

Walk on the river,

Wave hands at the planes,

Play games with hoses,

Make a crown with flowers,

And feed ants.





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