What Might It Be?!

-"You left me!"

-"I must have."

-"You left me alone."

-"Nevertheless, I want to be with you."

-"I hate you!"


-"It is not hatred, it is love!"

-"Every night I called you, I cried your name!

Every night was black and the wind was furious."

-"I am here now."

-"I was scared,

It was the terrible panic behind me,

Following me, step by step with me."

-"Don't be afraid anymore."


-"You are so cruel."

-"You are my rose."
-"You filled my heart with hatred."

-"You give me love."



-"What might it be called?! Love?! Life?! Or a battle!"

-"It's your entire fault. You made it like this."

-"And you didn't help to made it again!"

-"I did, but I was alone! Without any other help!"

-"It was our life, my heart and your heart."

-"You ruined them."

-"Only you could men my broken heart."

-"Only you could survive me in the darkness."

-"The love is still here."

-"I don't feel it, it is gone."

-"But I do, and I need your hand."

-"My hands are broken like my heart is."

-"I will mend them."


-"Every second of my life I cried of being far from you.

I lost my eyes.

How will you give them back to me?!"

-"With love."

-"My hair is white and wrinkles are on my face.

How will you give my beauty back to me?!"

-"With faith!"

-"My hands and feet are tired. Every day I went to the garden,

I picked up apples for you.

How will you give me back my energy I had?!"

-"With hope!"

-"How long will it take?!"

".Go and pick me up anapple"-




What World!

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