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No darkness, no light in the galaxy of mind

No nos, no yeses, no sighs

No words, no silence, no man in the eyes of relations

Perhaps I am dead, no breath in my mind

Perhaps I am in the middle of nowhere, no gravity

Whose hands upon the reflections

No harmless pain seen in the mirrors

No nos, no yeses, no sighs

Seconds run after the seconds of times

Time is chasing after all of us

Who sighs knows no seconds

Perhaps we chase the time

No seconds, no time, no time

No tick tucks, no faces, no harmonies

No world, no death, no life

No thy, no thee, no who

No nos, no yeses, no sighs

No words, no silence, no men!

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i will try to write something in english in my blog. we miss u so much inculde (Mrs.B i like this poem don't lose yourself in this misty society,are u living shnaghai now? or go bake to iran?


بابا اين که همه چيزو به نابودی کشونده بود دختر حالا البته من خودم چند روز تو مايه های دپرسيونم ولی اين يکی ديگه آخرش بود!

Hi, Sabra i must say that i am quite impressed with your poetic renditions. I am a friend of your sister at the British Council and she told me abt your blog site. Impressive, keep it up. Michelle