The Sound of Tehran

Crowded, brawling, polluted

A white mountain murmurs over trees

Tall trees stroll in the streets

They make shadows across the roads.

"Tehran! My hometown! Every day you speak to me!

You call my name.

Wherever I go, I hear the sound of the wind blowing among children's hair in Tehran.

You are my love. The love, which brings me courage and happiness.


They tell me the skyscrapers surrounding us and do not let us breathe.

I answer, yes, it is true, but I see the future where all green trees build our houses with love.


The white mountain "ALBORZ" makes you beautiful, it makes you powerful.

The birds sing a song for you. The birds live with your heart.

The sun is proud of you, the moon is jealous, and the stars are dancing for you.

Tehran! My hometown! If you stop talking, breathing and if your heart stop beating I will die too. I am alive because you are still alive.

When I wander in your parks, when I know that I am in Tehran

The clouds take my hands and let me hover above you to watch your beautiful face.

Tehran! I love you because you make my life more beautiful and allow me to live with your peace.

Tehran! My hometown! Land of friend ship!





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